5 Best Apps for Android You Should Have

November 12, 2016

If you are anything like me, you live at least 2 hours a day on your phone, so you better have the apps to justify it! This is a little list of 5 of the best apps for android out there right now, at least for my needs and I'm guessing for yours too. In this list you have everything from lifestyle to down time to workflow and networking so I guess I managed to create a pretty decent line up. Let's check the list already!

1 - Timeneye (The best way to manage your time)

Do you have a tone of little things to finish? You don't know what happen to your time yesterday? This is the app for you! (SO INFOMERCIAL OF ME AHAHHA) Now for real Timeneye is the perfect app/browser thing to manage and register how you are spending every minute of your work time! Give it a try if you can't understand how your day has only 10 hours all of a sudden.

Timeneye is available as a browser thing, Android and iOS app for free for personal use and costs from $9/month for teams up to 5 people. You can check all available plans here.

2 - Level Up Life (The Motivational app for Geeks like me!)

Lvl Up Life is a recent find of mine and I'm already in love with it! What is it you ask or not because that would be really weird since you are just reading a post... anyway... Level Up Life is a app where with your activities in real life you can level up your online profile! The app has a lot of different categories and in each one you will find a list of achievements you will have to do if you want to level up. It's a really fun concept that will make you want to do so many new different things.

Level Up Life is available as a browser thing and Android for free! ( I guess they are working on a iOS version? idk)

3 - Plag (Spread it like a virus)

This one is a that app you need to feel part of "The Change"! (Next blockbuster SciFi movie ahaha) The concept behind Plag is making your information able to spread literally like a virus without any filters from the traditional or nontraditional media. How? So Plag is like a Social Media platform where you don't need to friend or unfriend people, you are just all connected from the start, (just like Tinder!) and from there you submit the info you want others to know turning you in to our patient zero! From there your info will spread to the nearest user and from them to others just like a normal virus would.

I really think Plag is an awesome concept and you should give it a try! This app is available both for Android and iOS for free!

4 - Camscanner (Storage all your paper on your pocket or something like that)

For some weird reason I always loved having tons of papers around me when I'm working, but I always end up losing something so this was a savior for me! This app basically let's you scan and share paper documents, this as been great for some brand work I've been doing and some of my friends at uni say it is awesome to scan some books too! Give it a try if you are in need of a new pocket storage for your paper? (Idk just try it you will like it for sure!)

Camscanner is available for Android and iOS for free!

5 - VSCO (If you like photos you have it!)
If you don't know about VSCO already you must be living under a beautiful moss covered rock, because this as been one of the most talked apps of the Smartphone photo world for like 5 seconds or so! This is basically an Instagram like app but with more filter options similar with film filters, with this up you will probably make your Instagram game go to the next level!

Give it a try and you can find it for  Android an iOS for free!

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