KFÉ, Not your typical Coffee Shop

October 25, 2016

KFÉ was the first place where I really stopped to enjoy a coffee alone when I moved to Ericeira. At first I thought it was a niche thing for tourists, where you could find over priced coffee in a cute little coffee shop. What else can a tourist ask for, right? But how wrong could I have been that first day...after a few months of stopping by this little coffee shop I started to understand everything, the prices, the looks and the most important the coffee! Everyone knows that if you comeback a lot to the same place you end up knowing the staff and maybe creating some friendships, that's what happened here. After a few months I had a new place where I could stop to drink my cappuccino, made with the best coffee I tasted in Ericeira, and talk about whatever.

If you don't know this place yet and you're thinking of making a trip over to Ericeira, you really need to make a stop there. Unfortunately they will be closing for the winter at the end of this month if I'm not mistaken, but at least we will always have the next summer to make some new memories!

Oh and I almost forgot you can find more than just coffee there... ;)


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