Overall I'm Obsessed!!

November 03, 2016

I've been kinda needing an wardrobe makeover for probably the past year, but the thing is on my mind I never have the money for it... anyway for that reason I've been with two eyes open for that next thing that makes me go bananas! TaDaHHH!!! I'm going bananas about overalls!
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I will let you in on a secret I've always been obsessed with them and now that they are trendy I will buy three hundred thousand of them just because I can!!! Let's be really what goes wrong with them? Nothing right? You can dress them up, dress them down... they are the new casual and in my opinion they are here to stay!

Because nowadays there is an app for everything I decided to create this little easy to pull off look that can make you go from, "NO STYLE" to "GODDAMMIT BOYYY, in 3.2 seconds for sure!

I know I said that I'm obsessed but there is a limit to my obsession! What's that limit? Easy!! I stop liking it when you don't buy things your size (my personal pet peeve and personal sin). When you do that you can turn whatever amazing look in a mess of fabric and wrinkles... NO SEXY!!!


Don't do this please (no hate, great choices, poor sizing)
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