Shattered Huawei!!! Need a new one, ASAP

November 03, 2016

I have had my Huawei P8 lite for exactly one year and one month, but because life sucks I only paid for one year of insurance... Have you guessed it yet?... No? Let me clarify after one year and 15 days my phone screen cracked on my pocket! I'm lucky I know...
Since the day that the store assistant guy told me I would have to pay for the repair, around 120/150€ mind you, I've been looking around for a new phone just in case my screen decides to disintegrate or even worse implode! You never know these days, am I right?
My first reaction was, "I WANT A NEW BRAND!", but after some thinking I figured out that I have zero complains about my Huawei besides the screen being cracked. Ok, so I will buy a new Huawei but which one? And then I remembered that I've seen this model with a Leica lenses! HUAWEI P9!!!

That's it! So all of this just to let you know that after one day of vacation, my screen broke by it self inside of a pocket and that I really want a Huawei P9 after this one finishes shattering...
Oh I almost forgot, I'm broke so mine really needs to stay alive for at least a couple of months!!


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