Vacation and traditions!

October 05, 2016

After six months of a crazy summer over at Ericeira, Portugal, I've been really craving some "me" time and what better place to get something like that if not the north of Portugal? And to make my experience even better, I couldn't have chosen a better timing... It's the historical vindimas season and with that comes all the community time with the people from here, that always means fun and laughter! Besides the normal vindimas we usually do a weekend of vindimas ourselfs and by ourself I mean me and my family, it's like a special holiday. We all get together, catch some grapes and then have a big lunch full of laughter and "family moments", drunken family moments, crazy moments... we all know what I'm talking about... 
I've been on vacation for a week and half right now and I'm at that mid point where I miss my friends but I'm still not ready to comeback.
What do you guys do to clear your head?


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