How to grown on INSTAGRAM! New Hack?! Maybe!

January 28, 2017


Hi guys so I'm going in a two weeks work trip tomorrow so I decided that I should share with you all my newest findings! Again I'm not sure if this works for everyone but aparently it's working on my personal and my new feature account!

Ok, how did I find this info? After obsessing over the fact that my profile was losing subs HARD! I decided to do my research and see what was popping on other profiles! Somethig that I found really interesting was that everyone over 5k that was growing fast was following between 3k and 4k people... Like my dad says "You can't knock it until you try it!", So I tried ahaha


I started 8/9 days ago with 8100 followers and losing around 20 a day! (HARD I know!)
Right now I'm at 8699 I think and I'm gaining a steady 25/60 new followers a day, sometimes even more.

On my brand new feature account @InstaFameish I just got over 1200 followers in 8 days using this method!

What's the trick? I think you have to be active with your network of followers and the people who follow you, You can't just stagnate at 3500 (following). Follow some featured accounts o you can unfollow some later and do it over and over again. That way you don't stop at a following number and Instagram will suggest you more to other users, since to them you are a very active, very engaging account!

I think thats the real hack, Instagram ends up suggesting your account more than usual because you are always on a follow, unfollow, like, comment activity circle! Remember don't be a dick and unfollow "REAL" people, find those accounts that look third party managed!


More tips like this will come soon!!! :D

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