It's weird to be BACK

July 13, 2017

Mug: Pull & Bear 

This post isn't for those of you who don't give a F*** about me, this is for all my supporters and of course for all the haters that are always there when I need them! I've been away for a few months now, do to work, the tv show, mental health, whatever else, but now I finally have my sh*t together and ready to pump out some content!!! I just bought a new desktop (will try to make a review on it soon for the geeks ahahah) and it's really helping me with getting that groove back, putting my head back on the game isn't the easiest thing to do as we all know by now.

It's weird being back to social media, I thought I couldn't live without it anymore, but besides being bored at night, I really didn't miss the addiction part of the internet! It was a real detox that helped me a lot understanding what is and isn't in this game.

Right now I'm working as fast as I can to create good content, more music and youtube driven stuff, but it all takes time and there are a few step backs when you are away from everything for months ahahaha

Thank you so much to all of you that stayed and waited for me! 

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