Hi, my name is Tiago Aleixo and I'm a 25 year old creator from Portugal. I'm a self-thought visual artist, my manly focus was always trying to better myself by meeting new cultures and people through this platform. 

For the past 4 Years I've been investing in the Social Media world and trying to create a brand name for myself. After finishing my Styling and Fashion Production degree I was lost on how to start my career, because that's something they don't teach you in schools, so I found on platforms like Instagram and Youtube a really amazing way  to explore myself and my business.

From there I learned a lot and ended up teaching a lot as well and that's the beauty of Social Networks that keeps me addicted to it!  

Fun fact:

I was once on Portuguese TV Show called JustDuet. It was a competition where you would sing  (yes, I do sing) for a chance to do a duet with one of the 4 mentors.

That experience brought a lot of light to what I really wanted from life too.