Digital Painting: First Impressions

I’ve recently upgraded from my old Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small to a Huion 1060P. I’ve always felt like my old tablet was a bit small and kinda blamed my work on that, so a few days ago I lost the love to 70€ and bought this upgrade.

First Impressions:

For someone who never really used a tablet for more then photographic edits and quick little things like that I have to say it was really easy to get used to all the space that this Huion Tablet offers, plus the 28 hot keys that really are improving the speed of my work!


Now, lets talk about digital painting! I’ve decided that I want to create a piece a day to help me get a grip on how to paint digitaly and work this new skill, I know have the means to explore. This was my first try with the Huion 1060P and I have to say I wasn’t easy. Not because the tablet is bad, nothing like that, but because I was mislead to believe that digital art was “Easy “.
When it comes to digital painting I’ve found that you have to embrace texture in a way that you don’t really have to in traditional, because digital tends to be very smooth and that doesn’t appeal to my art bone. So this first attempt made me understand that texture is actually my friend!

I really want to share a daily image so I can in the future look back and see where I started.